What a ‘Team Coach’ does?

When do you need ‘Team Coaching’?

Instead of using well-used definitions and explanation of what a team coach does, I’ll tell you a story from my kids’ book …

A wise man on a camel comes across 3 brothers surrounded by camels arguing over an issue in an oasis. He approaches and asks the problem and if he could help. The brothers tell him that their father just died and left all his wealth which is 17 camels to be shared between them.

 The father had said that the eldest son should get half of the wealth, the middle son should get a third of the wealth, the youngest son should get one-ninth of the wealth. Three brothers really can’t figure out how to share the wealth (without cutting a camel😊).

The wise man says, “OK, I’ve got a way around this. Let me give you my camel, take it freely for nothing. Now, you have 18 camels.”

“The eldest son, you’ll get half of it which is 9.” The eldest son gets happy.

“Middle son, you’ll get third of it which is 6.” Middle son gets happy.

“The youngest son, you’ll get one ninth of it which is 2.” Youngest son gets happy.

There is one camel leftover which is the wise man’s camel. He says, “I guess I’ll take it back if you don’t mind. I’ll be on my way after maybe you give me some food for settling your problems.”

What is ‘Team Coaching’?

A coach is someone who comes to help to break various patterns of behaviors, language, or what to do and what not to do in an organization. A coach helps the team overcome conflicts or difficulties by using their resources, techniques, and wisdom.

In many organizations, it is expected teams to be more creative to bring solutions and work with higher efficiency. Receiving help from a coach is a good support to improve the creativity of the individuals therefore performance of the overall team while the members engage and work better. Each member can have the opportunity to talk, listen, reflect, act, and communicate better by the support of the sessions with a ‘Team Coach’. They solve the issues with empathy and dialogue and work more efficiently.

Do you have 17 camels to be shared between? It may be the right time to call help from a ‘Team Coach’