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We offer coaching and supportive services to individuals and organizations. What you need is provided at a professional level as One-to-one Coaching and Corporate Coaching.

Personal Development

We all develop and change over time. Life is like a long path and everyone is the main character in his own journey. Personal development is what you need to keep on track during this trip. It covers all actions to improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build value and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. 

With the help of our coaching support and training, we, at Netra, help you to climb up to your summit point during your journey at best.  

Personal Coaching

Career Coaching

During the period of changing career and adapting new organization is the right time to get support from coaching. We compliment our coaching sessions optionally with ‘Reinvent Career Platform’ and make you analyze your past experiences, your current perception along with your target career plans by re-evaluating your strengths and deep potential.​

Transformational Coaching

We believe that everyone has already carry all potential within to overcome the issues and be the best at anything to be achieved. Our coaches help you realize all hidden potentials within you, bring them up and use them to reach your goals. Gaining new insight, using your existing potential and becoming the best version of you is the aim of our 1on1 coaching sessions.

Expat Coaching

Moving around the world and adapt to a new life; new business, new lifestyle and face all challenges in personal and business aspects might be overwhelming. We, at Netra, help you and your family cope with change, stress and new identities while settling and finding purpose in your new country.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Are you planning to start your own business? Discover all resources you need to set and develop your business and keep your business reputable & profitable by our coaching and mentoring service which includes Financial Coaching support.

Training & Workshops

We organize dynamic and unique group coaching sessions to create opportunities for individuals to re-evaluate their values, gain new insights, change perceptions, and increase awareness in personal and professional life.  Click down to see upcoming workshops. 

We also offer various trainings to support development of individuals with popular topics in personal development field. Each topic is covered and supported by the professions in the field. Our trainings open new doors to participants with full of opportunities to be active and successful in their path.

Workshops & Trainings

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