Past Events

Persistence Workshop with GE Healthcare L&D Team Leaders

This time the workshop/team coaching had been very unique as all participants being facilitators and coaches in Learning & Development Department of GE Healthcare in various global locations.

'Future Leaders' Team Coaching for Tetrapak Future Talent Team

What capabilities do you have to be a leader? What skills do you need to improve?

We had an interactive team coaching with 'Future Talents Team' in Tetrapak MENA where the participants from various geographical locations had the opportunity to meet the first time and shared their input to prove what they have and to improve to have a promising future in Tetrapak Leadership program.

'The Appointment' Workshop for Tetra Pak Recruiting Team GMEA

What are the inputs that you give to strengthen your team? How active you are to improve your overall work as a team member?

With this strongly-bonded virtual team, we had a joyful, energizing and insightful workshop to evaluate their teamwork and contributions as individual mates. The workshop has given them the opportunity to share their impersonal thoughts and made them have a fun time together out of the online work meetings they always have.

'Change in Workplace' Training for A Goverment Organization

These training and workshop have been offered as a part of the ongoing training to a government organization in Abu Dhabi. We led participants to define and discover the individual professional approach to change in the workplace and its impact on our personal and professional lives by unique exercises implemented in the overall training.

Team Coaching with Accenture Middle East Marketing Team

We had an amazing team coaching session with Accenture Marketing Team about efficiency and teamwork.

Exclusive Event for IMA Members

We had an insightful and joyful interactive workshop with IMA Members from the UAE. Lebanon, Bahrain, India, South Africa and more. This exclusive event for IMA Members was aiming to focus on the ideal style of working in the new form of the world. Members had experienced team coaching and self-coaching with the help of break out rooms while networking and sharing their insights.

'Women Empowerment' Team Coaching for Cigna WIN ME

Women in Cigna Middle East have found the opportunity to re-analyze their pre-judgments, personal insights and perceptions based on their previous experiences with each other. it helped them to increase compassion and gain empathy while walking toward the same horizon.

'Reinvent Career Preparation Program' for the Emirates Airlines Former Staff

This 'Career Coaching' program was designed with 'AmPowered Human Resources' to help the professionals affected by the lay off due to pandemic. It helped the participants re-evaluate their strengths, analyze their current skills and define future career goals by 1on1 coaching sessions and self-paced online modules where they could redesign their resumes and journal their career development.

'The Appointment' Workshop for Turkish Women Association

When was the last time that you had an appointment with yourself?

In this dynamic interactive workshop, the participants found the opportunity to meet other-selves and gain new insights by sharing their perceptions with each other.

'Choices' Workshop for University Students Career Support

Are you aware of 'Your Choices'? Being aware of our options and how the ones we choose shape our lives is a very important step in reaching out to the success we desire.

It was a dynamic online workshop with university students and fresh graduates to help them realize the importance of being aware of all the options they have and pick the right one to achieve what they target.

'The Appointment' Workshop for SBC Networking Group

Fun, dynamic and interactive workshop for the individuals under the same Networking Group was insightful and bonding. They exchanged personal understanding and improved empathy while sharing their points of view.

TWLIS 2020 'Refine Your VUCA' Panel

The panel with invaluable speakers on the first day of The World Leading Influencers 2020 has been a tremendous moderating experience by sharing our insights about VUCA World, hitting the rock bottom and the importance of collective conscioussness.

'Women Empowerment' Workshop for the 'Women of HR in the UAE'

'Stronger Together'... With this slogan, women of HR in the UAE and Turkey found the opportunity to re-evaluate their journey and share their strongest side to improve and empower each other.

'The Journey' Workshop

'What brought you here won't take you there...' Are you ready to re-evaluate your journey and recreate your path?

This workshop is made to show your past, present and future and allow you to redesign them by the awareness and insight you gain with the help of self-coaching and team coaching.

High Performance Collaboration Speak @TWLIS2020

The World Leading Influencers Summit had a successful program this year despite the limits pandemic brought to all of us. In 'High-Performance Collaboration' speak, we overview the leadership, teamwork and negotiation skills to reach the highest performance in organizations.

'Helping Hands' Workshop for a Charity Cause

This workshop has been organized to help a woman and her baby in need. The design of the workshop was to increase the awareness of appreciating what we have and taking action towards giving back, in parallel to the cause of the event.

'The How of Happiness' Workshops

Happiness is not only a state of mind, it is a cultivated activity. This workshop series help participants define and implement the factors that help us improve our wellbeing and happiness, both in personal and business life. Relationships, connections and leadership development are all affected and improved by the level of our own happiness.

Yeni Yil, Yeni Dunya, Yeni Ben

We were invited to do this last event of the year by Kariyer Net and Askida Egitim in Turkey to help young participants to focus on the gains from 2020 and their New Year resolutions in an interactive coaching session with self-journaling and goal setting.