Helping You Transform

We help individuals, teams and organizations transform for a better future through world-class accredited coaching based solutions.

Why Choose Us ?

In Netra, it’s all about ‘YOU’… The rest is details.   
We focus on your needs at a professional level and serve you the best on your

International Experience

We are globally recognized and serve clients from all over the world.

Professionally Certified

We have top professional trainings and certifications to serve you the best

Client Oriented

You are the reason what we are and what we do. Our services primarily targets your benefits.


Our large variety of methods and technics are to bring you to the point you aim.

We have top coaching certifications...

Our coaches have the most advanced certifications from Erickson International Academy, ORSC & Marshall Goldsmith, pioneers in Solution-Focused Coach Training, Systemic & Team Coaching and Leadership Development.

What do our clients say about us?

Book your session now

We are happy to offer your first session free to meet you and make you experience if coaching is what you need…

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