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Netra has been established to be a unique platform to offer coaching services to individuals and corporates while being a one-stop solution serving a variety of training and workshops at a professional level.

Netra is a platform where professional coaches and trainers meet with you at the upmost quality. We collaborate with many passionate people who desire to touch other’s life and cause a positive impact to transform the world to a better form. One session at a time…

Netra’s word meaning in Sanskrit is ‘lead and guide’. We established Netra to be the leader while creating leaders… Guiding ourselves to serve you the best while you discover your own guidance to achieve your best.

Yesim Engin

Having more than 20 years of professional experience, Yesim has chosen to continue her career as a Professional Leadership Coach and Trainer internationally. She has worked in different organizations in Turkey and UAE at high-level managerial positions until she decided to have her own business. Since 2012, she has been owning her consultancy company in hospitality in addition to her role as Executive Consultant in HR field in the region before setting up Netra Professional Development.
Experiencing how to balance her work and personal life as mother of two in her expat life, she has developed empathy to people who needs to enhance their performance and manage time properly by getting professional support. She believes that touching and adding value on other's lives as a human is the main purpose of existing. Her coaching journey started with this awareness and she has completed ATCP level at Erickson International Academy before coaching many white collars around the world. She is also an ORSC trained systemic & relationship team coach with various other certifications like Marshall Goldsmith Leadership and Team Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner, Mindfulness, Positive Intelligence, Points of You®. She carries a PCC credential from ICF (International Coaching Federation) which is given to professionally trained coaches with more than 500 hours of practices.
While she continues discovering her own resources every day and earning new professional credentials, she is offering Professional and Personal Development support to various professionals and organizations. Her clients are individuals seeking to develop personally as well as companies in need of coaching and development support to their managerial employees and team members.
Although she is a successful coach, mentor, trainer and consultant at all levels, she is passionate about Expat Coaching and supporting women in their career path. Please click here to see her LinkedIn profile.

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