10 Simple Ways to Improve and Maintain Mental Fitness

All of us are aware of if we keep our body fit, we can stay healthy, feel better and even live longer.

This is all about how we are physically fit. Being physically fit helps us active, achieve body involved activities and climb steep hills without physical stress.

What about our ‘mental fitness’? Being mentally fit helps us handle life’s great challenges without mental stress and other negative emotions. We become happier and perform better if we become fit mentally.

So how we can improve our ‘mental fitness’? Here are some tips;

  1.    Exercise (physical exercise improves our memory and mental abilities)
  2.    Get a new hobby (learning new things create new neural pathways in our brain)
  3.    Read often (keeping an active interest around us help brain exercise and mental fitness)
  4.    Manage your health (chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease affect mental performance so have regular check-ups and get diagnosed if you have any of those)
  5.    Take time to relax (Schedule regular relaxation/meditation time to eliminate cortisol which is caused by stress and harmful to our mental health)
  6.    Challenge your memory (Learn a new language, do the crossword or play chess to stretch your mental health and also your social life)
  7.    Vitamin B support (Eating leafy greens and other Vitamin B resources or getting supplements to provide this important support for brain health)
  8.    Manual activities and crafts (Activities like sewing and woodwork, requiring both sides of the body movement, help to improve spatial awareness and increase reaction time.)
  9.    Involve in stimulating conversations (talking to friends and family about wide range of topis gives brain to explore, examine and enquire)
  10.    Sleep well (Prioritizing sleep help our brain and body repair and recover. Enough sleep improves memory, creativity, mood and problem-solving skills.)

There is a common belief that if there is no sign of mental health disorder, the person is assumed to be mentally fit. In reality, we all struggle with the challenges of life and even if we do not name it, we do feel weak to fight or overcome those issues. Once we are able to achieve and maintain a fit mental status, our reactions and quick response to issues causing struggles are to improve. We can find the inner power and conscious approach to solve the problems. This helps not only keep our body and mind healthy but also gain confidence and strength to achieve our goals. These all reflect our personal and professional lives and help healthy relationships with others.