New Year’s Resolutions; Change and Grow…

Changing or keeping the routine?

Some of us don’t welcome the change warmly. I can totally understand that changing the way we live or think is not an easy decision.

I personally like trying new things and discovering new ways of doing ordinary stuff. Getting out of routine, sometimes, is the only way to feel fresh and energetic. Driving from a new road to the same destination makes me feel excited. Giving a chance to a new recipe for a regular meal makes me more motivated about cooking.

I started New Year with many new plans on my list. And unsurprisingly, most of them require me to get out of my comfort zone and change my routines which I have been happy with. It may sound a bit scary though, however, I am ready to have new challenges. I feel stronger and fresher with every new step I have towards the change. I am excited to achieve the results by using a new path. I can fail but will never get sorry to try. It will change me at the end with a better version…

Changing by time sounds uncomfortable for many people. Especially if the person happy and comfortable with the routine they have, why to change, right?

Think about the butterfly, with the colorful wings how amazing and astonishing she is, especially while she is swinging these enormous wings, right?

If controlling her growth was the butterfly’s decision, she may have chosen to stay as a caterpillar or staying comfortably inside the leaves during the pupa stage as a chrysalis. And she would die there without being able to fly over the beautiful flowers under the shiny sun. She wouldn’t be able to migrate to see the new worlds and new colors reflected from the flowers she has never seen.

I am ready to showcase my colorful wings and fly over beautiful colorful flowers I have never seen before.

What about you?

Have you ever observed intentionally how you accept change in your life?

What makes you more excited; keeping the routine within your comfort zone? Or trying the new to discover more towards your growth?