Month of Awareness: Ramadan

Many around the world started Holly Month of Ramadan today. Although I do not follow any specific religion and practice certain rules, believing in the system and in myself made me have a big empathy towards these special occasions in every community.

As a mother of two, I also try to teach my kids as next generations to own basics of the universe which are also basics of each religion and practice; humanitymorals and respect. And, of course, as a coach and mentor accompanying people on their own development, I certainly believe that it all starts from self-respect and accepting the being.

Challenges in the life may sometimes block our vision and understanding of self-respect, yet respecting others. However, if you take a moment to observe surrounding; the life around you, the trees, the people, the sky, the flowers, the sun… It is happening irrelevant to us. Sun rises and downs every day, human born and die, flowers bloom and we just consume a bit more time from our lives.

Although we all know, how many times we do focus and become aware of what is happening around us just in the moment? How many times do we remind ourselves to appreciate what we own? And how many times we think about others; especially the ones in need, to share and support?

That’s why I like Ramadan specifically; the life gets a bit slower (at least in the UAE) and offers me to focus on these small but significant things to absorb my values, morals and observe and help others.

Why don’t you take a moment to breath deeper, focus longer and observe wider whatever within and around you after reading this? What would you support you to improve your self-awareness and gratitude in this holly month?

Ramadan Kareem